YVA Guides

Ryan Herbert


@rherbertyva & @guideschoolco

Loves life, his family,job,friends and always learning from people. Ryan has been guiding since 02'. Truly passionate about teaching the arts of Rowing & fly fishing. Ryan also loves catching big fish also...  

Guide Contact Info:

Email: yampavalleyanglers@gmail or rherbertyva@gmail.com

Cell Phone: 970-819-4376

Facebook: Ryan Herbert

Instagram: rherbertyva & yampavalleyanglers 

Tim Drummond


@point_fly & @get_a_drift

Colorado born(The Stillwater Master) and all around great guide and person.Tim is very dedicated to fly fishing and catching big trout. Always making people around him better anglers. Tim is a professional that is Committed,Dedicated, Passionate and will put you on fish. 

Guides Contact Info:

Email: sgtdrummondtr@hotmail.com

Cell Phone: 970-376-5243

Facebook: Tim Drummond

Instagram: point_fly


Andy Radziach


 Andy Grew up in North Western Pennsylvania fishing with his dad before he could remember.  He developed a fishing addiction at a young age and quickly become proficient at hammering trout on whatever technique was needed to get it done.  

 Guides Contact Info:
Email: aradzavich@gmail.com
Cell: 814-366-7443
Facebook: Andrew  Radzavich
Instagram: radical_savage 

Michael "Ug" Gould



Ug a career guide with lots of great big fish experiences under his belt. A great father, teacher and guide, 

 Guides Contact Info:
  Email: mgould@2salttravel.com
    Cell: 970-734-8855
    Facebook: Ug Gould
    Instagram: ug2salttravel 

Jack Bombiader


NIcest guide and all around person in the state. Jack always takes the best care of his clients. Seasoned life time colorado guide. 

Guides Contact Info:

Email: jackbombardier@hotmail

Cell phone:303-378-2149

Facebook: Jack Bombardier

Jeremy Gilmer



 will put you on big fish. Always a good time fishing with Jeremy.

 Guide Contact info:
Email: jeremysprings123@gmail.com
Phone: (970) 761-5054
Facebook: Jeremy Gilmer 

Ben Krueger



Born and raised in Denver, Ben grew up fishing the North and South Platte rivers throughout Colorado and Wyoming. He developed a passion for fishing at a young age through his father, who would make family vacations to go fish The miracle mile, Fremont, and Grey reef tail waters. 

 Guide Contact info:
Email: benreecekrueger@gmail.com
Phone: (303) 618-9004
Facebook: Ben Krueger 

Bryant Stark



 We snagged Bryant from our 2017 guide school. Bryant is a very patient and fun guy to be around. He is a avid fly tyer and always up for a good adventure.   

Guide Contact info:
Phone: (970) 761-5718
Facebook: Byrant Stark

Instagram: bjstark

Zack Smith



 Enjoys getting to share my passion & positivity and the good things life has to offer in these beautiful surroundings.Very easy going and fun to be on the water with. Love getting to share the experience of someone’s first fish on a fly     rod. 

 Guide Contact Info:
Email: troutfishingsmitty@gmail.com
Cell Phone: 828-699-9929
Facebook: Zack Smith
Instagram: 828zckattck_ 

Michael Radford


Cord Beaty


Ice fishing machine

 ​Born and raised in Colorado I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying all types of outdoor adventures this state has to offer. My passion for fishing came at a early age as my father, grandfather, and uncles took me on many different types of diverse fishing trips throughout Colorado. 

 Guides Contact Info:
Email: Beers4sale@yahoo.com 
Cell: 970-846-5149
Facebook: Cord Beaty
Instagram: beatycord 

Chef Jeff Ryan



A self-taught chef and outdoors enthusiast, Jeff grew up in Pittsburgh, PA before moving to Boston, MA in 2002, Brooklyn, NY in 2008, and back to Pittsburgh in 2013, cooking all the while. Back in his hometown, he opened a mobile catering company and two years later a restaurant and bar called Spirit. In the past two decades, Jeff has worked with and under many nationally recognized chefs and in award-winning kitchens.

In 2017 Jeff hit the road again, traveling for nine months in an outfitted van across nearly all of the US states seeing what the cities and smaller town restaurants and outdoors had to offer. It was that Spring he crossed paths with Yampa Valley Anglers and has been coming back to Colorado every Spring since. With an Italian-American upbringing, Jeff’s cooking style leans towards family-style Mediterranean with a focus on fresh and locally available ingredients. Although given the opportunity, his favorite way to prepare a meal is over a fire in the open air.